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D. Bunte, (former radio interviewer and talk show host at WBAA),  a National Public Radio station

     “I am not able to read a mystery, without trying to anticipate how it will turn out.  It is disappointing to figure it out early in the book and then feel like I am just wading through filler to get to the end.  While reading "Choices", I appreciated the fact that the story was unfolding as I progressed, and, although I had a sense of where it might be going, I still enjoyed being surprised as it gradually became more clear. The result was that this book drew me in within the first few paragraphs, and did not disappoint anywhere along the journey to the conclusion.  The story was very well crafted, and I am ready to purchase her next book.”
   “The anticipation is similar to what I feel as I await something I have not yet read by David Baldacci, Brad Thor, or Lee Child.  Smith's style is quite different than those very seasoned and successful writers, but the caliber of her writing is easily on a par with them.  I hope I do not have to wait too long for more.”

Nick Schenkel, Director of the West Lafayette Indiana Public Library

“Author M. A. Smith sets main character Ethan in her native Southern California, where the lawyer falls from grace after a horrific car accident. Dropping cases of the rich and famous and instead approaching despised pro bono work gives Ethan a surprising perspective on the world he never cared for. The huge twist at the end is sure to grip readers as well - but don't read the last chapter first.”

West Lafayette Public Library Director Nick Schenkel has written a review of CHOICES and does a reading on the WBAA website.
          , Director of the Lafayette, Indiana Public Library


Judge, Writer’s Digest Review:                                          WritersDigest_eBook Awards

M. A. Smith’s Choices begins with a deliriously elongated car wreck and the whole thing seems to happen in slow motion, and it is rather excruciating, not in the writing but in the painfulness with which the event unfolds.  What I perhaps like best about the novel is its odd structure, with its periodic flashbacks to X number of years before this accident.  It is a structure that I initially wouldn’t think would work, but winds up working beautifully.  You don’t really realize how skillful the organization is until the novel’s conclusion.  The dynamic between Ethan and Jim Nazareth is compelling and believable.  The sentence-level writing is also smooth and occasionally elegant. . . a novel which I enjoyed a great deal.

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